User Experience Design

UX goes far beyond user interface design. We take into account
every interaction your customers have with the organisation.
Everything should feel simple, natural and consistent.

Our approach to User Experience design involves testing our
assumptions regularly. We put our work in from of users and clients
early and use what we learn to refine the design.

User interface design

Create websites and apps that work beautifully for customers, increasing sales and improving user satisfaction.

Information Architecture

Deciding how to structure and categorise content to make it simple to find things on your website or app.

Service Design

Create services that meet customer needs and work together with the rest of your business.

User Testing

Prove designs with real users, so that you can improve, customers love what you launch and you increase conversions.

Our UX Process


We start each project with a short discovery phase. We work to understand your business, your staff and your users, assess existing systems, define ideas and turn them into testable hypotheses.

Typically, this takes 2-4 weeks and involves understanding expectations as well as building relationships.

Our clients always have the option to end the project after the Discovery phase if they change their mind. However, no one has chosen to yet.

Feedback, Faster

The concept of sprints – short loops of intense productivity and feedback – is key to how we work. This process slashes the time it takes to get feedback, both internally and from users.

We’re in regular contact with you through Sprint Demo workshops, held at our offices or our partner’s offices in Bristol, or at your base, where we present user testing and design work and you decide what we tackle in the next sprint. Presentations are made available for you to share and talk about internally.

We also use lots of collaborative tools, like team messaging app Slack, online design annotation and Google Docs for working together on presentations.

Launch and Optimisation

The work isn’t done when the site goes live; we refine based on market feedback and data, accommodate any new ideas and define next steps, ensuring that what we’ve made integrates with the real business behind it.

We know this might not be the approach you’re used to with more traditional agencies, and throwing out that list of deliverables can be scary.

But we work with you to focus project time on effectively delivering your actual goals rather than chasing deliverables that might turn out not to do what was intended. And if we do end up ditching features, it’s always based on research into user needs, and with your agreement.

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