User Testing

Our user testing services is at the heart of what we do.

We focus on assessing how people interact with an interface and how they feel about stuff like functionality, layout, message and navigation.

But instead of tacking this on at the end of a project after all the decisions have been made, we make usability testing the backbone of the design process. We bust niggles, confusions and frustrations by testing as we go, using a bespoke combination of methods that get answers, fast.

This agile process opens up ideas for improvement and delivers in-depth insight into how customers use what you create.

Competitor Usability Analysis

Knowing your competition’s weaknesses as well as their strengths means you can offer a better, stronger service yourself. Our competitor analysis draws on usability testing and expert review of sites and services.

How we do it

We use the test audience that’s right for you.

We can harness the power of a 1-million strong panel of general demographic testers or use your data to contact your own customer base. And if you want to test using an audience of skiing, Jaguar-driving PHD educated physicists, we can recruit them through one of our trusted partners. If your audience exists, we’ll find them. We put together recordings of user interactions and feedback as regular, handy presentations for you to use to communicate with your own team. That means you have the power to demonstrate results to others with the evidence to back you up.

The end result? A finished product that’s proven to work before it’s launched, because it’s been tweaked and improved every step of the way. It saves you time, money and stress.