Research & Optimisation

Do you understand your user’s needs or goals? Is your conversion
rate lower than you would like? Do you wonder why people struggle
to use your website or app? We don’t know either, but we’d love to
find out.

Our research services build a shared understanding customer
behaviour. We take those insights and turn them into simple,
prioritised reports. We share our evidence including video highlight
reels. This means you and your stakeholders can make evidence
based decisions.

User Testing

Prove designs with real users, so that you can improve, customers love what you launch and you increase conversions.

Customer Research

Identify the problems your users need you to solve and those that they don’t, through analytics, user interviews and co-design workshops.

Idea Validation

Explore complex ideas with quick, simple experiments that show whether people will use them before investing further.

User Experience reviews

We evaluate the usability of your website or app using our in-house expertise. You receive a presentation with prioritised recommendations.

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