Customer research

In the early stages of a project it’s important to take a step back and focus on a macro view of what we’re working on. Our research tools can help you understand your users in a wider context, looking at customer behaviour and needs on a broad scale and identifying the problems your ideas should solve.

Analytics, user interviews, ethnography and co-design workshops can answer questions like, what are users doing on your website? How are they interacting in your shops? How do they view your company? How does your product fit into their lives? What problem do they want you to solve?

Finding the answers to these questions and having the evidence to back them up helps you create the right solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Our Research Toolbox

Customer Interviews

Effective design depends on understanding customer behaviour, and the most effective way to do this is to study people. To spot problems or identify unmet needs, we speak to customers about their attitudes and experiences, carry out call listening, observe them in live retail environments or watch them interacting with your website

We collate the data for you, presenting highlights and relevant feedback via video or webinar.


This involves watching and listening to customers interact with services, whether it’s in store, over the phone or digitally. We do this using call listening, mystery shoppers, observation and various other customer monitoring techniques. There are crossovers with the methods we use for usability testing.

We report back to you on the insights we gather, but we also recognise that analysis only takes you so far and you need a blueprint for going forward, so we give you a series of testable hypotheses to take to the next stage.


To get truly accurate picture of what is working and what isn’t, you need to analyse the data. Web analytics can be daunting, but we make sense of the stats, digging deep to really understand user behaviour and using what we learn to optimise conversion, increase revenue and understand trends.

We won’t just throw a load of graphs and pie charts at you. We decide what data is relevant and how to interpret it in a meaningful way. Then we share the evidence with you and clearly explain the insights we gain, working together to build a product that reflects what your customers want.

Analytics delivers the facts about what people are actually doing or not doing. We use these findings to write hypotheses about the reasons behind user behaviour. We can then test those hypotheses with our usability testing and idea validation services.

Co-Design Workshops

The aim of a co-design workshop is to identify user needs that aren’t being met. We believe that, as the experts in their own experience, users are a crucial part of the design process, so we actively bring them on board in structured sessions with designers and researchers that empower participants to interact and ask questions.

The results are usually visual, creative and qualitative, helping us understand what users value or where problems need solving. We take these lessons and use them to make sure our own designs answer these needs.